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  • Collective group sale 

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  • New indicators in the group form summary

S4 Web

1. Collective group sale

It is now possible to register more than one group in the sales event!

How to access:

Management > Farrowing/Nursery/Wean to finish > Launches > Sales

What has changed?

  • Group quantity per sale: Previously, it was possible to inform only one group in each sales event. It is now possible to report up to 10 groups in the same release.

  • Sale weight: In addition to being able to inform the average or total weight per group, it is now possible to inform the sale weight. The user enters the total weight of the sale and the system automatically calculates the average weight per piglet and, consequently, the total and average weight of each batch.

  • Edit and delete a group from a collective sale: The edit and delete actions that appear in the sale listing now relate to the collective sale and no longer relate to a single group. Therefore, when clicking on Edit or Delete a group, the collective sale screen in which the group is part will be displayed.

  • Layout: To improve usability, the user now sees the information on a full screen. The “Group Data” section was created to centralize the groups selected in the event.

Check out our complete material on how to carry out collective sales in detail at this link: Collective group sales.

S4 App

1. New indicators in the group form summary

In order to give the user greater visibility of how the group is performing, missing indicators were added so that users have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Some examples are indicators such as total deaths, average age at phase, food consumption, among others.

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