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  • New rule for the "other exits" event

1. New rule for the "other exits" event

Some changes were made to the launch screens with the aim of making it more practical to use the option of other exits in S4 and to make it possible to provide the ideal destination for animals that did not have their deaths collected correctly on the expected date. Check out what has changed:

  • All Internal-consumption and donation events have been changed to a single type called Internal-Consumption/Donation.

  • The new type of event that is available is called Missing Swine.

    This new "type" was created to dispose of animals that for some reason are no longer in the group, whether due to an operational failure or an event that was not collected and cannot be released as death, so this "type" is used to adjust the group balance, enabling closing without interfering with other group events.

How does it work in practice?

When including other outputs, the new screen will appear to perform the launch.

Just add the data and click save.

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