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S4 Web

1. Economic module improvements.

2. New printing of the Animal Group Card

News on S4 Web!

1. Economic module improvements

The economic module allows you to view and record the income and expenses of the farm and to analyse the economic performance of production.

1.1 New structure of the Data  screen

Now, on the "economic notes" screen, in addition to recording income and expenses, the user can filter information and view it in a list.

1.2 Management records and automatic inputs in the economic module

It is no longer necessary to manually import data into the economic module. The S4 will list all management records and inputs and if the user needs to edit or delete, he can do so in the original event. 

Iif the user tries to edit in economic notes, the following warning will appear:  "Automatically generated. Action must be done on the source event".

In addition to the records made in S4, the user can receive data via integration with other systems, and if necessary, the user will be able to filter only by the imported records and the actions will be blocked.

Iif the user tries to delete in economic notes, the following warning will appear:  "Action not allowed. Record imported via integration".

The records included or imported in the economic module will not be reflected in the management and/or inputs. That is, if the user includes a sales record in economic tab, this record is only in the economic tab. An informational message is displayed on the screen when launching, editing and deleting: "This event will not be reflected in management and input releases".

1.3 Income and expense records for Groups

Now the user can record income and expenses for Groups by selecting a valid account for this purpose, for example "Finishing Sales". When selecting the account, the Group field will be enabled and the user will be able to search for the Group he wants.

The Group field is not mandatory and if no Group is selected, the value will be accounted for the farm. If the Group is entered, the value will be accounted for in the Economic tab of the Animal Group Card.

1.4 Adjustments to Economic Performance

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have included a filter by period with a start and end date (previously it was only possible to filter by year). We have also included a grouping filter by month, quarter, semester or year, making more flexible the viewing information.

2. New printing of the Animal Group Card

2.1 General Settings

Listening to the needs of our customers, we have adjusted the Animal Group Card printing. First, we modify the layout of the sheet tabs, as shown in the image:

In addition, new information was included in the header of the Animal Group Card, which is the average birth date. See below:

2.2 Print configuration

To make it possible to print the Animal Group Card, we created a print configuration, so the user can configure it the way he prefers.

After clicking, the configuration screen will open:

By default, only the performance tab will be displayed, which can never be unchecked, it will always be mandatory, since the other tabs can be checked or not.

Another detail is that for nutrition, when enabling it, it will show the option of weight gain and feed intake where the user can define whether he wants to see a graph and a table, or just one of the options.

S4 App

1. Improved app resiliency

A very important improvement related to app resiliency was delivered today. Now we are dealing with unavailability by sectorization during the farm download. These treatments will allow the user to continue using the app for the features that have not been unavailable.

How it works:

For example, if the inputs part had some intermittency, the app would display the message "failed to download the farm". making all use of the app unfeasible until the unavailability is adjusted. Today, the app starts to download the farm in all other functionalities, showing only the message of unavailability in the affected area.

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