Check out the news released on the S4 in October 2022 here:

  • What's New in S4 Web!

1. New filters in economic analysis.

New filters were included: Value/Kg animals sold and Value/Kg piglets sold. If you use pounds, don't worry because the option will appear according to your farm's configuration.

Applying the filter, it is possible to see information on economic performance (income/expenses/result) per head, referring to each month of the year requested.

2. Improved printing of economic performance report

Printing will always be complete, regardless of whether the user is viewing expanded information on screen or not.

3. CSV export of the economic analysis

Exporting this report will only be allowed in CSV. Because the PDF export takes place while viewing the report for printing.

4. Return button to home screen

An improvement has been developed on the S4 screen, where when clicking on the arrow to go back, the link will take the user back to the home screen of the specific analysis!

How was it before? when you clicked back, the link took you to the home page, next to All analyses.

How is it today? when you click back, the link takes you to the reviews you are currently evaluating, see example:

  • What's New in the S4 App!

1. Improvements in Blocking retroactive releases 

Retroactive release blocking is now available for Nursery, Finishing and Wean to Finish farms!

Blocking retroactive releases is a new feature of Agriness S4 Web (available at this LINK) and replicates to the S4 App, it is a configuration of retroactive releases that aims to define some parameters that help prevent changes to data that are sensitive to farm output.

Until then, this resource was available for piglet producing farms, however, now it is also available for other production systems, check which blocks are available:

  • Piglet death - Group
  • Weight - Group

After synchronising the event, if it fits the blocking rule, the S4 App must display the warning in yellow, see an example below:

2. Farm Profile: summary of indicators for Wean to Finish farms

The farm's profile presents the main information of each farm, including the summary with performance indicators and the number of open and closed groups.

In the Summary, indicators are presented, considering the groups that are closed within the filter period selected by the user.

How it was: values were presented only for the Mortality, Days in stage and ADG indicators. For all other indicators, the value presented was empty (-).

How it is: now all indicators appear on the farm profile.

Where to check: when accessing the S4 APP, enter the farm and swipe the "summary" icon down, there you can check all the indicators, as in the example.

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