Check out the news released on the S4 in September 2022 here:

  • Improved user binding

It is now possible for the Farm Owner on S4 to link the active modules that the farm has to a user, when adding a new one

This setting remains in the same screen, under My account → My bonds → Farm Data   Add user to farm. There, you can edit the products that each user has access to on the farm, as their modules are also displayed. As the image below:

To release modules it is necessary to follow some rules:

1) Only the user registered as Owner of the farm will be able to edit the user modules;

2) The Full Name, E-mail, Link Type and Products fields are mandatory;

3) The completion of the modules is not mandatory;

4) When editing the form, the user corresponding to the e-mail informed will receive an e-mail in their inbox, displaying the products that will have access on the farm in question.

  • Boar card printing

Boar card printing is available! With this in hand, it will be easier to analyze the performance of males and/or semen and their historical results.

In Management > Breeding Herd > Analysis Center > Boar Card, select the animal and check its file.

On the History tab, next to the Boar card, you can select CSV printing and column ordering, so that it is configured according to your viewing needs.

Print example:

  • S4 App news!

1. Blocking retroactive releases

Blocking retroactive releases is a new feature of Agriness S4 Web (available at this LINK) and replicates to the S4 App, it is a configuration of retroactive releases that aims to define some parameters that help prevent changes to data that are sensitive to farm output.

If the farm has the blocking setting active in Agriness S4 Web the app will also have the same blocking.

Events that will be blocked in the S4 App: Mating, Farrowing, Reproductive Loss, Piglet Death, Fostering piglet, Weaning.

After synchronizing the event, if it fits the blocking rule, it must display the warning in yellow, see an example below:

* Improvement for farms with production system: Sow Farm

2. Improved feed consumption on Private farms

Now, for Private farms (not linked to an Agroindustry) the feed consumption register can be used for better business management.

How does the registration of consumption in Private farms work?

1. Adding feed: 

In your S4 APP, select an open group and go to Launches > Feed consumption > Add.

Be careful when completing the fields:

- Feed: the feed consumed does not need to have been purchased for the group. By clicking on "select", a list of all active feeds registered in your S4 will be displayed.

- Amount: field unlocked, you can put any value you want.

- End date: it will automatically be filled in with the date equal to the Start date, but it can be modified, just click on the field.

Reminder: in S4 Web there is a configuration option that determines if it is possible to consume feed without stock, in this way the complete list of feeds will appear. In S4 Web, just go to Farm > Settings > Inputs > Nutrition and select whether or not you want to block this option.

2. List of consumptions: in the tab on the side, in Launches, it is possible to check the list of feed launches made for that group.

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