In order to add a piglet death access: 

Management> Farrowing> Data Entry > Piglet Death. 

Click on the Icone  to add a piglet death.

It will sow the following screen to indert the piglet death data: 

  • Female ID (It must be lactating)

  • Death day.

  • Time of death.

  • Amount: 

  • Cause

  • Employee. 

If you have a genetics farm, you can select the piglets on the icone and click on "next".

It will open the following window, where you can specify the piglet's death. You can look by the ID or just select from the board by the ID:

Once you are finished, click the button "save and continue", if you want to enter another piglet death, or you can click on "save and close" to leave the piglet death screen.