In order to add a farrowing you should access: 


Management > Farrowing> Data Entry> Farrowing


To add new farrowing click on the icone 


The following screen will appear: 



On this screen you must fill:

  • Sow's ID: You should indicate the number or tattoo of the pregnant sow. 

  • Start date.

  • Time when farrowing begins.

  • Time when farrowing ends.

  • End date.

  • Liveborn: Number of living born piglets.

  • Stillborn: Piglets that died shortly before birth and piglet that died during birth.

  • Mummified: their live was interrupted between the 35th and 90th day of pregnancy, it has a darker appearance..

  • Females: Number of females born.

  • Boars: Number of males born.

  • Weight: You can enter an average weight of the litter or by clicking on this icon , you will switch to enter full weight of the litter..

  • Low viability: Piglets that are too small or under weight.

After complete entering, you can click "save and continue" to add a new farrowing or click on "save and close" to leave the page.