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1. Health consumption for animals (females and males)

It is now possible to select the animals in the breeding, farrowing and nursery phases that will consume vaccines and medicines!

How it works?

Go to Inputs > Animal Health > Data entry > Consumptions > Include

When you click on include health consumption, another page will be displayed. Select the type of health you want to record consumption, whether it is medication, vaccine or disinfectant. If you have selected a medicine or vaccine, in addition to entering the initial date of consumption, you can now also enter the final date of consumption to record the exact period of application of the vaccine or medicine.

When selecting the breeding, farrowing or nursery phase, an option to inform the animals will be displayed.

When enabling this option, a sequence of steps will be displayed, so that it is possible to select the animals and confirm the data. By clicking Next, you will go to step 2-Select animals.

Select animals

This step allows you to apply filters and search for animals in the phase to select those that need to report consumption. 

Filters vary depending on the phase and type of animal. For example, in the herd we can have three types of animals (piglet, empty sow and male). In this case, it is necessary to inform which type of animal the consumption will be recorded for. This filter allows you to select more than one type of animal.

Check out this article for details on how to select animals with the filters in detail: Health consumption for animals (females and males).

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