Check out the news released on S4 in December 2022 here:

S4 Web

1. Profitable sale of animals with previous mortality reported 

2. Improvements in mortality analysis

3. Improvements in export page

4. "Mark all piglets" functionality

S4 App

1. Female death release

2. Female culling release

News on S4 Web

1. Profitable sale of animals with previous mortality reported

Now it is possible to set the farm so that dead animals can be sold, they are “salable deaths”. Automatically when a farm is created the system will be set as "no" for the function.

How does this new feature impact your S4?

  • In animal deaths releases

If the farm has set it to "yes" in the previous step, when registering an animal death, the user will be able to inform whether the death is salable or not.

Reproductive animal death screen (breeding herd)

Piglet death release screen (nursery, finishing, and wean to finish farms)

2. Improvements in mortality analysis

This improvement aims to standardize the mortality analyses of the maternity, nursery, finishing, and wean-to-finish stages and allow the user to filter the analysis through the age graph to enhance the evaluation of opportunities.

a) Adjustments in the distribution of the maternity mortality analysis

In order to improve the experience and usability of this report, we updated the naming and organization of distributions. See how it turned out:

b) Adjustments in the distribution of the mortality analysis in the nursery, finishing, and wean to finish

We updated the terminology and organization of the distributions and added the section of distribution by age vertically along with the temporal view that already existed in the farrowing, thus maintaining a standard for all stages. Below is an example from the nursery:

c) Allow filtering of mortality analyzes by a given age range

When clicking on one of the age groups, the system will apply a filter to the entire thematic analysis, that is, all data presented will be displayed only for deaths that occurred in that particular age group.

Before applying the filter:

After applying the filter:

If you want to remove this filter, just click on the three dots next to the filter button and clear the filters.

3. Improvements in export page

The purpose of this feature is to make it possible for all exports currently generated in CSV to also be generated in XLSX format. This improvement came to help tools where there are patterns of data separation (column, rows) that end up making it impossible for clients to open the file.

How does it work in practice?

Every listing and/or table that has the option to export to CSV will also have an XLSX button, following the same pattern that exists today for CSV, which is to export the page and/or export everything.

See the example below:

4. "Mark all piglets" functionality

Now on the screens where the user needs to mark the piglets involved in the operation, S4 web has made available the “Mark all” functionality.

Important! In this case, the “mark all” option will mark the number of piglets that was entered in the previous screen, regardless of how many piglets are in the lot. This functionality is available in transfers, movements, deaths, donations.


You have 100 piglets in batch 001 and want to transfer 10 to batch 002.

By filling in all the information and going to the next screen, clicking on “Primary ID”, we will have 10 piglets tagged, as requested, and not all 100 of this batch.

What's New in S4 App!

1. Female death release

Now the S4 app allows producers to release the death of a specific female in the herd (site 1).

When clicking on the blue icon with the + symbol, it is possible to add a new death through the app.

When entering the new screen, it is possible to inform the ID of the females before actually registering the deaths. Only when you click on “Add” will the deaths of the informed females be registered.

2. Female culling release


Now, the S4 app allows users to discard a specific female from the herd (site 1).

By clicking on the card above, the application lists the discards of females from the last 5 days.

How to register it?


The user will be able to add a culling from the “+” button, displayed in the listing.


By swiping the registration screen to the side, the user can inform the females before actually registering the cullings (similar to the existing behavior in the mating). When “Add” is clicked, cullings of informed females will be registered.


Culling Deletion:


The removal remains the same as other application events. By pressing for a few seconds on a particular culling card in the listing, a deletion request confirmation is displayed. Once the user confirms this request, the culling is deleted.

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