Genetic farms that select pigslet, theres a type of sale called Selecion Sale. The goal is to select each piglet that is saling and to control each one animal get out from farm.

To be possilbe to do a selection sale the piglet should be evaluate and approved. If the pig was not approved, It will not be possible to select then and will show the following message: 

So, to do a evaluate, you should go to Genetics > Piglet evaluation > Click on + 

And fill in the data like Primary ID, Evaluation Date and if the piglet was approved or not 

 If you selected a approved pig, you can add a selection sale! 

To do it you can access: Management > Nursery or Finishing > Data entry > Sales > +

And on type of sale, select Selection and fill data and click on Next: 

After that it will direct you to the next page where you will see the approved pigs to select: 

If you want select pigs from other groups, you can remove option Show only piglets from the group and it will be able to select approved pigs from other groups: 

After selecting just click Save to finish your Sale Selection!