Once the key has been generated and the link is active, you will be able to make sales by informing who the buyer is. Confirming the sale, the farm that will receive the animals

- What types of sales can I make with the Sales between farms functionality?

You can currently use this functionality for the Nursery and Finishing steps.

- What changes in my current sales process?

For you, who will make the sale, the process will be the same as making the sale. What must be filled in is the buyer, so the system identifies the link and sends the notification to buyer.

- When does the system know that it is a transfer of animals between farms?

Through the link between farms generated by the access key. Once the access key is included in the supplier/customer register, the system will start to identify the connection between the farms in the sales launches, with selection of the buyer. If there is a link,anautomatic message will appear in the system informing that an automatic transfer will be made. If it does not exist, the sale should normally be made without showing any warning, that is, it will not generate an automatic transfer to the destination farm.