The placement is considered the time when the baby chicks are placed inside the house. This is a very important moment, as the aviary must be prepared to receive these birds with the correct environmental conditions.

Planned Placement

To assist the producer in planning the house preparation to receive the birds, Agriness P4 previously provides the flock planned placement data, which can be found in the section houses.

A flock that has a Planned status, represents a flock that will be placed soon, but that is still not available for placement. From the moment the placement is confirmed by the company, the application releases the placement confirmation to the farmer, changing the flock status from Planned to Opened. From this moment on, the placement data can be inserted in the application.

Here we can identify the following data (highlighted):

1- Flock number

2- Expected placement date/ time

3- Number of baby chicks planned 

From the moment the placement is confirmed by the company, you can already start entering your flock data in the application. In addition, the Flock Status is changed from Planned to Opened and the application starts showing the flock age (highlighted).

Placing your flock on the app


To place your flock in the app, go to Confirm placement section, of the house you would like to insert the data.

By clicking on this section, you will be taken to the Add tab, where you can enter your placement data.

Para confirmar o alojamento no aplicativo basta preencher os seguintes dados:

1- Data - time: Select date and time the baby chicks arrived at the farm.

2- Birds placed: Type the number of baby chicks that were placed at the house (must be the same quantity registered on the flock sheet).

3- Total of dead chicks: If there were chicks that arrived dead at the farm, record the quantity in this field.

4- Chick weight: Type here the arrival chick weight (in grams).

5- Confirm placement: After filling in all the information above and checking if they are correct, you can confirm placement at the bottom of the screen.

Checking placement data

To check placement data entered in the application, access the Data entry tab in the placement section. If you have entered any wrong information in the placement section, please contact our team to request that this data be corrected.

After confirming placement, the application will allow you to start entering other important data to monitor your flock, such as mortality, weight, feed intake and harvest.

If you have any questions, consult our relationship team by chatting on this screen or by:

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