1. Access:

Management >farrowing> Data entry > Fostering piglet > add nurse sow

2. It will open following window.

3. Fill following data:

  • Sow ID
  • Quantity
  • Weaning age days

4. If you have more than one donor sow, you can click on the (+) and add:

5. If you complete recording nurse sow, click on "save and close". If you have another nurse sow to add click on "save and continue". 

Note the rules to add a nurse sow:

  • The sow has to be empty, it cannot be lactating;
  • It has to receive the piglets on the same day as she is weaning
  • In case of abortion the pregnancy must have a minimum of 100 days, or the system will not allow the sow to be added as a nurse sow.