One of the features of  S4 is to help the producer organize a routine on the farm, such as vaccination or feeding. On this purpose the task list was created to help the producer to control which pregnant and/or lactating sow to vaccinate and also help to remember when to change the feed of the open groups in progress in the nursery and/or finishing stages.

In each of the stages (Breeding herd / Breeding /Farrowing /Nursery/ Finishing, there is a tab for Task List, which can be found under Overview.


You register a task by going to Farm > Settings > Records > Tasks and choosing in which stage you want to apply this task. In Breeding you will find tasks for open sow and gilts (which will appear in the breeding herd), plus the pregnant ones; In the farrowing, the sow in this stage or it's piglets, and in the Nursery/finishing, the animals that are in groups.

Once you register a task, you can find which animals need to receive that task by clicking on their stage in Management > Stage> Overview> Task List. You will find all the tasks you need to do according to the filter, and you can see them according to your preferences by clicking on the index next to each column head. If is there Animal health (vaccination) and / or nutrition tasks for the same stage, you can filter by type and organize the tasks separately. 

In this example, it is possible to see, within a range of one month, defined by the start date and end date, which sows should be vaccinated that will be between 70 and 90 days of gestation in that range. For the nutrition task, an interval of days for changing feed is already informed when setting the task, according to the group age or days in the stage.

Under the same logic, if I want to know which sow will be between 70 and 90 days of gestation on a specific day, you include that date in "Start Date" and "End Date". But before that, the task needs to be registered for pregnant sows with 90 days in Farm > Settings > Records > Tasks.

It must be made clear, however, that the consumption of vaccines is not carried out automatically when the sow/lgroup reach the age of the task. It is necessary to record the consumption of vaccines separately, also in Management > Overview.