1 - How to release or restrict S4 to a user?

There are two ways to link a new user:

  • Directly via S4:

Using the owner profile, click on the user icon in the upper right corner and then on My Account > My bond > Select the icon for adding the new user.

You must log in, with your email and password, and then select the “My bond” tab. Select the icon to add the new user.

2 - Who can manage the users in S4?

Currently, only the owner has the permission to edit, add and remove users, the user who has the permission of the 'farm owner'.

3 - When is it necessary to remove the user's access?

In general, we recommend removing access when the user is no longer part of the farm or will no longer use the S4.

4 - When should I release access to new users?

When should I release the S4 to a new user?

Some examples:

✔️New employee who will use the system

✔️Technician who needs to access the system to verify releases

Having the permission of the “owner” of the farm, you can give access to anyone you consider important to have access to the S4.

5 - What types of access do we have in S4?

➡️ Owner: this is the only permission available to anyone who needs access to all S4 features, from reviews and releases to setting goals and adding/restricting access. Each farm can have only one owner.

➡️ Partner: similar to owner permission, not being able to release or restrict access to the S4 of any user.

➡️Employee: has access to view and edit, but is limited to the configuration part.

➡️Consulting: this access profile allows the user to have limited access and will only view items. This type of access cannot administer or register.

6 - What permissions do the  'farm owner' user have on S4?

✔️ Release access to a new farm employee or person who needs to access the system

✔️ Define what the new user can run within the system

✔️ Remove access from someone who no longer uses the system or who is no longer present on the farm

7- Is there a limit of users I can free to access S4?

We currently do not have a user limit. In this way, you can release the system to everyone who needs access to the S4.