It is known at pig farming that most of piglets death happens on the early days of live. Agriness understands how important it can be to know the amount of animals that  perish on the sheds and the causes oh these deaths, this knowledge allows the farm to develop necessary and corrective measures.

During the suckling phase, the problems that cause the greatest economic losses in the farms are: the mortality of piglets caused by crushing (1), diarrhea after the first week of life and the lack of development of some piglets (low viability) (2), hence the importance of the extra attention onto those factors. 

On the Farm Performance report you can see two indexes that helps identify death events, the indexes are:  Weaned related to weaning and Weaned within the period. The report shows the amount of animals, the percentage (%) of deaths related to the total amount of animals and the average (image 1) 

But what is the difference between these reports?

Weaned related to weaning: It indicates the deaths that occur on the farrowing, of the sows that had their weaning on the period. Therefore if the death occurred out of the range but the sow had it's weaning in the range, it will enter the math. As this index refers to weaned sow, it favors a late analysis, but it allows you to evaluate the impact of those deaths in the weaned piglet's average of the farm.  

Weaned within the period: It refers to the total amount of deaths that happened on the farrowing phase during a select period, regardless of whether or not it was a total weaning. This index allows the farm to follow the events as it is happening, making the decisions faster.

Image 1. Farm Performance emphasizing the weaned piglet's death

Image 2. Exemple of both indexes's math


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